a soulful jazz musician in
portland, oregon 

"she’s developed her keenly insightful, emotionally intelligent songwriting chops, so her long awaited follow-up Big Crazy Love marks not only the re-emergence of a great indie jazz singer, but also the coming out party for an impactful songwriter who effortlessly blends her jazz sensibilities with pop, folk, country and gospel"

-Jonathan Widran, JW Writes


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Second Sundays!

Piano Bar with David Saffert at Corkscrew Wine Bar! 

Are you ready for your time to SHINE? Join local Songstress Courtney Freed Portland pianist David Saffert as they host a good old fashioned PIANO BAR at Corkscrew from 7-9pm. You are invited to sing your favorite tune (bring sheet music), or sit back and enjoy the talent and a delightful glass of wine with friends. Don't miss this rare opportunity to experience this musical magic in Portland on the second Sunday of every month. Find out more at the corkscrew website.

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August 27th, 2022

Backyard Concert

Courtney Freed Five is back for a private backyard concert on Saturday, August 27th at 7pm. Stay tuned for details!